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SOPHIA LATJUBA boyong EVA dan keluarganya ke AMERIKA

Sophia Latjuba selalu identik dengan kontroversi. setelah lama vakum dan baru2 ini publik dibuatnya heboh dengan foto2 sensualnya dalam sebuah majalah pria.

Kabarnya Sophie (panggilan akrabnya) ingin berpindah tempat tinggal yaitu ke negara asal suaminya-Amerika-. saat di konfirmasi mengenai hal ini Sophie tidak menampik. "saya memang ada rencana untuk pindah ke Amerika bersama anak2 dan suami saya. tetapi kapan tepatnya saya masih belum tau. ini masih sekedar rencana."jawab sophie kala itu.

lalu mengapa setelah 18 tahun berkarir di Indonesia Sophie memilih untuk meninggalkan Indonesia? "Saya ingin udara segar aja. disini udah sumpek. Saya emang ga bisa lama2 diem di suatu tempat. harus ada perubahan" beber Sophie.

Lalu bagaimana dengan karir Eva Celia yang mulai menanjak disini. Sophie menjelaskan bahwa Eva akan sekolah acting di Amerika nanti dan merintis karir disana. Sophie menganggap disana pasti akan lebih baik.

Rupanya kabar ini bukan isapan jempol belaka di blog-nya Eva Celia menuliskan kegundahannya akan kepindahan yang di rencanakan ibunya itu.

Berikut ini kutipannya

I open my eyes, and find my gloomy self in a situation of a mind's eye. I was only dreaming, imagining. But it was real. The feeling was real. The melodies were real.

“Eva, are you alright?” my mother asks, her tone is sweet.
I pause for a while. I am responsive now, “yeah, yeah I’m alright.”
“You have trouble sleeping?”
“Uh huh.”
“What are you thinking?”
What am I thinking? “Nothing. I just can’t sleep. I’m kinda nervous about the whole moving thing.” I answer.
“You’ll be fine. It’s gonna be so much fun, sayang.”
“Aren’t you nervous? Scared?” I ask.
A little bit. But that’s the fun part of moving, you know. New life, and get everything together. New friends. Exciting, huh?”
“Mhm.” I said quickly.
“Why? You still wanna move, right? Daddy found a nice house there in Calabasas. It’s beautiful!”
It is beautiful. It is like one those areas with gorgeous hills in the movie, Sound of Music. It is everybody's dream house.
“Yes, I do want to move. It’s just… The question suddenly pops into my head ‘wow, is this for real? Are we really moving?’ We’ve been planning for this ever since, but as the months get closer and closer you ask yourself, ‘are you sure this is the right move?’ I don’t know you know, ma.”
Especially I have found someone. Someone. Someone. I didn’t say this to my mother, though.
“Of course it is, sayang. Think about it. It’s for your future. Now, now go to bed it’s getting late.” She continues her studies.

I turn to my left and try to close my eyes, imagining what it would be like there. What about my life here? What about my father? What about him? What about everything? I sigh loudly – pretty loud for my mother to notice.

“You’re still not sleeping?”
“I can’t.”
“You want me to make you a nice warm milk with honey?”
Ah! That sounds really nice. But…
“No mom, thanks. I want to hear your story when you moved here to Jakarta. How was it?”
She smiles. She’s very pretty when she smiles.
She goes on…
“You, missy, you should be thankful you can speak English. When I moved to Indonesia from Germany, I didn’t speak a word of the language. I could only say, ‘satu Teh Botol’. So it was kind of hard for me to catch up with school and everything, and I eventually did catch up. But you have to know the difference between here and Los Angeles. It would be so much nicer there, hon. Trust me, I know. It’s normal for you to feel this way, but once you’re there, you’ll be glad you made the decision.”
I respond only with a two times nod.

I still cannot sleep. I feel better now, however. I try closing my eyes one more time. My mother knows me well; she knows I am still awake.

“When I was little,” She carries on. I open my eyes as I hear my favorite sentence being said. “I was still living in Germany. My grandmother and me were very close. Up until now actually, but she’s not here. She's growing old and becoming forgetful. She is my hero in every aspect of my life. And her food, my goodness! She is a very good cook. Everyday my friends would come over just to eat Oma Muller’s food.”

I got my name from my great grandma. Eva Muller.

“She served the World War II, in the concentration camp. Her oldest son, your grandmother’s late brother, died from hunger. Do you know how the Nazis took them? One evening Oma Muller, my grandfather, and Paul were sitting in the dining room. Laughing and jesting, when suddenly a bunch of guys broke in and took them by the arm. They were all separated. My grandfather was to serve as a soldier, my grandmother was to be put in the concentration camp, and my uncle, Paul, was to be put anywhere, I can’t remember. Oma survived the war and so did Opa. They didn’t see each other, though. They were still separated. Oma was only 30 kilos when the war was over. Opa worked as a lumberjack. One day, Opa heard that Oma is still alive. He got on to his horse and galloped for days and days to search for Oma. And there they were, reunited. They went home together, as happy as they could imagine. After a couple of months, when Oma was carrying my mother, she heard tragic news. Opa had died.”
“How? Why?” I moan.
“Apparently some guy forgot to say ‘timber’ and a tree landed on Opa’s shoulder. Sad, huh?”
“But they were just coming together.” I whimper like a little puppy.
“You see, life sometimes doesn’t go exactly like you want it to be. There are ups and downs. Now you gotta understand that. You will learn that soon.”

“By starting a new life.” She leans and gives me a kiss. “You have got to be sleepy after hearing my story. Good night. See you in the morning. Your new life is ahead of you.”
I close my eyes for the third time, and this time I am sleepy. Tomorrow I will wake up, and I will be waiting for the uncertain things to come.

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